Personal Training

Personal training consultation and scheduled on an individual basis.
$60.00 per HR or $35.00 per half 1/2 HR session.
Discounts with commitment. Set up a program in your home, my studio, your gym or mine.

yoga body personal training

Personal Training Redefined

Tired of being treated like a number in a class or by your current trainer at the impersonal BIG Corporate GYM? Instead of a one size fits all philosophy, ( with a paradigm of manager coaching of tactical strategic hard sales, run of the treadmill approach), choose results, without the high school drama. Look at trainers, do they do the same sales routine with all clients like cattle to slaughter? Did your session start with a workout in the cage to intimidate you into a buy before an assessment to make you feel inadequate, bully you into a contract package and boring, unproductive sessions. Why are there such high turnovers and cheapened, FREE sessions and contracts in gyms? Watch the trainers as they do the same thing. They only care about the money. Think critically as a consumer. Buyer BEWARE!

Politics reign in the big Gym...not the best group fitness instructors or Personal trainers, mostly people that stay in the lines. Why is Crossfit so popular and how did it start? Do your research. Just know the original concept was way outside the lines. Remember top down quality control matters from the owner and management to participants. Group Fitness.... HIGH SCHOOL DIVA GYMNATION! Fitness energy and character matter, from the owner to management....look at their action, NOT their commercials, and marketing....its all talk without the actions to back it up. Just take a look at their actions.... BIG GYMS are about the money! Get real results from real people with great character and still keep your identity while getting real results.

yoga body personal training

Personalization Is Important To Me

Personal Training at the BIG GYM is a waste of hard earned money flat, lacking routines and so called best classes (uncertified and untrained and inexperienced and so called best trainers and instructors).......Redefine Personal Training with YVETTE DORIAN at Toes To Nose and BEYOND! Beyond because she╩╝s where you should be! Train in your home, your studio or hers! She can help you set up your own gym and is available for consultation.

MY clients can expect Big Changes! Train BAREFOOT with someone who truly cares about your health, safety, and wellness.

Increase lean muscle mass as much as 3 pounds or 42% in as little as 12 weeks with dedication. Increase muscle power by 10%. Do all this BAREFOOT while increasing balance, improving coordination and learning new skills. Train with confidence without getting hurt from an inexperienced or uneducated trainer. Physical Therapy COSTS how much today? How much are you paying for a cheap trainer? Package deals? Go FIGURE!

yoga body personal training

Yvette Dorian Fun Functional Natural Fitness Trainer. She cares and puts time and energy into you and your program. She customizes programs for each client, not a general one size fits all approach, (as used in most BIG gyms).

Yvette Dorian is a certified trainer who came to strength and fitness from gymnastics and dance. she has 2 decades of experience, not just a certification, ( which does NOT ensure a great teacher) but a real person with real experience with client testimonials and results.

Yvette Dorian trains one on one, with couples, and in small group training. She is trained in 4 styles of KETTLEBELL, OLYMPIC POWER LIFTING, PILATES REFORMER and many other PILATES EQUIPMENT PROGRAMS, TRX, KICKBOXING, CYCLING, BOOTCAMPS, STRENGTH TRAINING and YOGA. She has additional training in CORRECTIVE EXERCISE and THERAPEUTIC YOGA. NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT and SPORTS SPECIFIC TRAINING.


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